The Problem


otels had limited ways of getting their inventory in front of travelers. They ended up giving most of it to the large online travel agencies because they lacked advanced infrastructure and the right people.


nnovation in the travel space was suffering because the barriers to entry were too high. There were too many APIs you had to integrate with and too little time to focus on your USP. Startups would just run out of money.


nline travel agencies, until now, spent ~40% of their revenue on online advertising. Only Google benefited from this. Traditional advertising as we know it was killing the product itself; all the money was going to players who added no value.

The Problem

The People

The founding team started this venture in 2017. Many many many more made their ideas a reality.

Yann Gouriou
Yann GouriouChief Executive Officer
Yann is the hotelier-in-residence. He’s been GM at multiple 5-star hotels around the world but thinks it’s time to help hotels in a bigger way.
Bjørn Harvold
Bjørn HarvoldChief Technical Officer
Bjorn lives on a secluded beach somewhere with his paddle boards and his dogs. You might catch him working all day at his favorite coffee shop.
Martijn Dekker
Martijn DekkerChief Financial Officer
Krav maga aficionado and avid traveler. Martijn makes financial forecasting look like child’s play and we think he does super hero antics during the night.

The Solution


y completely removing the barrier to entry, the only thing stopping anyone from earning commissions, on par with the large OTAs, is their ability to sell.


latforms are the future. We consolidated a fragmented industry onto a single platform with a rich API and easy ways to sell all kinds of bespoke travel inventory.


he heart of our platform is better content. We let hotels sell anything they want on their own terms. Sellers get a direct connection with every hotel on the platform and both learn how to create a better product and sell more with shared analytics.

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