Influencer-driven travel booking

You’re ‘In the Know,’ so it’s time to start earning commissions on hotel bookings.

Hotels, travelers, influencers, and affiliates

What is Wink?

Wink is a platform for affiliates and influencers to sell travel. Any business – from travel agencies, event organizers, to social influencers – can directly sell hotel bookings and earn commissions.


Travelers, accommodation providers, and everyone involved in selling hotel rooms can benefit from Wink.

Start Selling in Minutes

Setup is quick, easy, and gives you total control. You’ll be up and running in no time.

Boost Loyalty & Engagement

Engage, inspire, and deliver seamless booking from within your travel offerings.

Access Advanced Analytics

Find out what’s selling and what isn’t. Gain access to all the insights you need to be successful.

Free Tools

Free access to web components, APIs, and custom branded sales channels to help you sell.

Access to the Best Hotels

Exclusive and direct access to the most FOMO and YOLO inspiring properties.

Custom Offers

Work with hotels to create unique and custom deals that only your audience has access to.

Everyone can sell hotel bookings

With Wink, corporate travel departments, online travel agencies, tour operators, event organizers, social influencers, can sell travel and earn commissions by helping their audiences find the perfect accommodations.


FOMO-inspiring Accommodations

Connect directly with thousands of suppliers.


Room types available

Our supply of hotel rooms grows every day.



Get access to the most popular destinations.



Available in more and more cities.


Ancillary Offerings

Now you can sell spas, conference rooms, and more.

Recognizable brands

Work with well-known hotel brands from all over the world.


Wink provides solutions for all aspects of selling hotel bookings online.

Accommodation Providers

Hotels and other accommodation providers supply room inventory, accommodation content, rates, and policies. They also retain full control of rates, and can craft unique offerings and rates for affiliates and influencers.

  • Easily add property and room content

  • Connect your channel manager

  • Activate your property

  • Share links across your social channels

  • Receive bookings and payments

Hotel announcing its inventory and deals by sharing through social channels
An Affiliate Marketer influencing/selling travel to its customers

Affiliate Marketers

Affiliates access inventory from any hotel through our API, White Labeled site, or easy to use web components.

  • Quick sign-up

  • Choose how you want to sell

  • Select what you want to sell

  • Sell

  • Get Paid

Social Influencers

Influencers craft unique offerings directly with hotels and promote them across their digital channels.

  • Quick Sign-up

  • Select what you want to sell

  • Generate social links

  • Tell Your Story

  • Get Paid

  • Create Unique Offerings

Social influencer

Solving the industry’s biggest problems

Gain the power of selling to travelers through the channels they love and respect – through you!

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Ready to start?

Let us show you the easiest way

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