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Make high commissions and OTA-focused marketing a thing of the past! Meet Wink: the all-in-one platform for hotels and influencers.
Take back control over bookings and earn big!

Hotelier or Influencer,
Wink’s Got You

Whether you run a boutique hotel or a sprawling resort, or are looking to form meaningful partnerships with your favorite brands, Wink wants to be the wind beneath your wings. Our transformative, early access tools are designed to increase direct bookings, manage partnerships, and streamline communication – all from one user-friendly platform.

Access All of Wink in Under an Hour

Signing up for Wink is quick and easy. Get immediate access to Wink’s services by creating an account and connecting your property’s channel manager!

Easy Management for a World of Potential

Wink’s interface makes managing bookings and partnerships easy. Earn commissions, create offers, and track performance—all from your dashboard.

So, What’s Wink?

Get to know Wink, and learn how it’s transforming the hotel space.

Booking Engine

Utilize our booking engine to create a modern, user-friendly experience for your guests that showcases not just your rooms, but also your ancillary offerings and amenities.

Social Share

Share real-time inventory across social media with dynamic previews that update automatically based on availability and pricing.


Create a customizable landing page with your hotel's branding and a diverse range of content options, including links, blog articles, maps, videos, and even Spotify playlists to create a truly immersive experience for your audience.

Wink Network

A dynamic marketplace where hotels list their inventory, allowing affiliates to seamlessly sell these to their audience. It revolutionizes the connection between supply and demand, cutting out the middlemen and streamlining the sales journey.

These features combine to deliver a powerful suite of tools that can help you achieve:

Increased Conversions
Enhanced Guest Experience
Streamlined Operations
Boosted Profitability

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Here are some frequently asked questions about Wink

Wink offers a cost per acquisition model whihch means it is free to get onboard and use our tools. You only pay when a booking occur. Contact us for the full details.
Yes, Wink takes security very seriously. They use industry-standard security measures to protect your data, ensuring all guest information and financial transactions are handled securely.
Wink integrates seamlessly with most popular channel managers, making it easy to connect your existing systems and streamline your operations. Simply follow the instructions while setting up your profile.
Wink offers excellent customer support. Our dedicated team is always happy to help you get started, answer your questions, and ensure you get the most out of the platform.

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