This is part 2 in our Education Series on how to best sell travel inventory online. This article will cover the importance of rich media and how to best use images and videos.

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When used effectively, rich media has the power to transport the user to faraway places and make them want to pay $2000 to go there. It’s an emotional sell.

Creating rich media that has the power to elicit an emotional response from someone means you have gone past the logical brain and connected with the user on a more primal and personal level. “Should I go there?” Becomes “I need to go there!”

Getting started

Before connecting with your customers, you need to know your brand identity; who you are and what you stand for. For example, if your property is LGBTQ friendly, you have a real opportunity to showcase that side of your property and immediately create a much deeper connection with people in that community.

Your rich media should have the power to connect with multiple “tribes/lifestyles” of people. Once you have the media ready, you want to categorize them in such a way that every tribe have their unique pictures and videos.

The platform supports associating a lifestyle with every picture and video. If two people from two different lifestyles are looking at your online profile, they will be greeted with different images and your property will immediately connect with potential guests on a much deeper level.

Instead of uploading 100s of pictures, your property, now, strategically connects with your buyers using just a few pictures and you stand out from the competition.

It’s the best, most cost effective way, to reach your target customers.