Do you want to monetize your property but don’t know how to or maybe thinking too small?

Intended audience: Suppliers / Properties

This is part 1 of a series of articles that will walk you through how to maximize your revenue potential on our platform.

Packages allow you to cross-sell your rooms and earn up to 8 times more than you would just selling a room night. So how do you get started?

  1. Think about all the different types of packages you could possibly sell. Have a brainstorming session with your team and get creative. A package can be anything you want to bundle together with a room. Anything you want to sell to your guest before she arrives that makes her stay that much better and gives her more reasons to book with you.
  2. Our platform supports any type of package you want to sell. Tell us what it is. What kind of benefits it gives your guest. If you know your guests are mostly Chinese, make sure you have text translated to Mandarin as well.
  3. Upload some pictures and videos.
  4. Add a price and a pricing type and whether the package is commissionable to would-be sellers


Your property is close to an attraction and a place of interest. Create an “Explorer” package that bundles both the attraction and place of interest with the room. Decide whether you handle fulfillment yourself or externally and price the package in such a way that everyone benefits.

Remember: You are the local expert. Tell travelers a story about your location and monetize on it. You earn more money. The attraction earns money. Food vendors and transportation companies earn more money. And, the traveler feels like their vacation just got THAT much better thanks to the local expert.

Rate better when your profile includes packages

We like that you give travelers more reasons to visit your hotel and we will feature you better across all our sales channels. Your property is NOT featured better based on your commission. Your property only gets featured better when you add more value. More reasons for guests to visit to your property. Spend your time creating your profile.

Connect with sellers

We connect you with sellers who connect your property with travelers. 100000+ sellers use our platform to actively look for the best travel inventory for their customer base. They are not interested in generic room types. They don’t want what or Expedia has to offer. They want a direct connection with you and they want to sell something unique.

Our platform lets you stay in control and sell on your terms across entire segments or to specific sales channels. You can choose to make your inventory available to everyone or just a few. You can give commissions, discounts and promotions to everyone or someone specific.

Level up your selling game. Let sellers get to know you through amazing text, images and unique deals.

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