Direct Relationships with Hotels. High Commissions.

Smart Payments.

Your complete travel booking solution

Make money selling travel

Earn a commission with every booking directly from the hotels

Boost loyalty and user engagement

Engage, inspire, and deliver seamless booking from within your travel offerings

Access thousands of hotels

Connect directly with hotels to get the deals you can sell. Negotiate custom offerings and exclusive rates

Start selling in minutes

Getting started is quick and you pay nothing to take advantage of the Wink marketplace and technology

Access advanced analytics

Gain insights into top selling accommodations, successful strategies, and the hottest channels

Monetize your Social Channels

Use our social link and QR code to sell your inventory and track conversions on your hotel Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp account and more.

  • Develop new revenue stream
  • Super easy to use
  • Target very specific audiences
  • Integrated payment gateway

Power your website

Build your online travel agency or power your blog in a matter of hours with our embeddable web-components and start making money.

  • Self-serve technology
  • WordPress plug-in
  • No expensive development needed

Build it your way

Leverage the most versatile API /SDks for your next BIG travel app.

  • Easy documentation
  • Extensive library support
  • Pre-built components
  • WordPress plug-in
Integrate with the most developer-friendly travel inventory distribution platform!

Unique features

Engage directly with accommodation providers

Negotiate exclusive conditions and deals

Optimized for social media

Built with content creators and social influencers in mind

Offer exclusive Members Discount to your audience

Beat global OTAs by offering extra discounts to your audience when they login with Facebook or Google

Amazing insights

Full access to platform analytics and leaderboard. See how you perform against other Micro OTAs

Upsell your audience on packages, add-ons, experiences, F&B, MICE and more

Increase your average booking basket

Get paid effortlessly

Receive your commission after guest checkout automatically in your local bank account

What choice do you have?

How do you get paid?

Wink makes your funds available after guest check out.
Payment methods depend on your region:
  • Virtual credit card:
  • ACH:
  • SEPA:

What’s the cost?

Payment processing
fee of 5.5%

of the total commission earned for the completed booking

Join Wink Today!

  • No startup cost
  • No minimum amount of bookings
  • No long-term commitment

How does it work?